FoxFury and Wolf Eyes

December 15, 2010

FoxFury helmet light used by ski patrol
Welcome to the news and information section where we will keep you up to date with what is happening with FoxFury and Wolf Eyes lights. Many know Quarterflash well from Wolf Eyes Tactical Torches and our dedicated Wolf Eyes website, this website will showcase Wolf Eyes and another quality brand we have been supplying to government departments and large corporations – FoxFury. FoxFury are well known for their headlamps and helmet lights (especially the FoxFury Performance Intrinsic Task- Fire Headlamp – the only headlamp in the world that is UL 913 Certified Intrinsically Safe for Hydrogen and Acetylene Environments) but also provide a number of high quality lighting solutions such as the Nomad Remote Area Lighting, the amphibious AWL-P pistol light and their range of forensic lights. The full FoxFury range is viewable at FoxFury.

We will update the news section when new models come out, enhancements, upgrades and also interesting ways to implement this equipment.

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