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Foxfury Nomad Portable Led Remote Area Lighting - 200-800 - Remote Area Lighting & Spotlight


FoxFury Nomad Portable LED Remote Area Lighting

FoxFury Nomad Portable Area-Spot Light: 2 Years to Develop, 30 Seconds to Deploy

The FoxFury Nomad Remote Area Lighting is a 3,600 lumen dual action LED area light and spotlight. At 7.5kg and 85cm, it can be carried through the worst terrains imaginable and still deploy in 20 seconds. An internal rechargeable lithium ion battery provides 2.5-9 hours of light. 


The FoxFury Nomad Remote Area Lighting offers 3 intensities and converts from an area light to spotlight by quickly detaching its diffuser lens.  The three light intensities let you choose the correct amount of light for the job, whether high intensity and spot for a vehicle extrication or low intensity and flood for an evacuation centre. Telescopes up to 2.4 metres tall and the light head rotates 340° and is as bright as your car's high beams. Can also be used in carry mode or as a backpack light. For emergency lighting the Nomad can quickly be deployed and then provide up to 9 hours of light from it's self contained power source.


Absolutely silent. Whether listening for the whispers of someone being removed from a vehicle accident or needing a pleasant night long working environment, the totally silent nature of the Nomad will be appreciated.


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 Remote Area Lighting will change the way you work. No cords or charging at the scene is needed and this portable light can go anywhere (including on uneven terrain). The safety and efficiency of operators is enhanced using Remote Area Lighting, helping mitigate OH&S concerns in what can often be trying environments. The Nomad is all-weather and impact resistant. Designed for use by Fire, Search and Rescue, EMS, Industrial, Law Enforcement, Military, Emergency Services, SES, Television, Photography, Videography and much more.

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Quarterflash FoxFury Nomad Remote Area Lighting System RALS


Light Emissions

  • 3,600 Lumen (45,216 Candle Power)
  • 8° Spotlight or Scene Light  (both lighting types in the same light)
  • Distance Vision: can be seen up to 2 km
  • 75 Watt Power Consumption


  • 6 White LEDs
  • Deploys in under 20 seconds
  • Head Telescopes up to 241 cm
  • Head can rotate 340°
  • On / Off / Mode Switch at Base of Unit
  • Built-in level and leg adjustments for uneven terrain
  • Hold-down clamp
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • AC or DC charge / drive
  • Battery Level Indicator

3 Modes

  • Low: 1,200 Lumen
  • Medium: 2,400 Lumen
  • High: 3,600 Lumen


  • All-Weather
  • Impact Resistant
  • IPX7 The FoxFury Nomad was recently accredited as being IPX7 (submerged in 1 metre of water for 30 minutes then working after) report here: - Nomad IPX7 report

Physical Characteristics

  • Weight: 7.7 kg
  • Size (closed position):
    • Diameter: 11.7 cm
    • Length:  83.9 cm
  • Size (when deployed)
    • Max height of 241cm
  • Nylon 66 Body with 6061-T6 Aluminum Head with heatsinking
  • Carrying Strap (Black) 


  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion 200WH Battery System 
  • Battery Life:
    • Low Intensity: 9 hours
    • Medium Intensity: 6 hours
    • High Intensity: 2.5 hours
  • Fully Recharges in 8 Hours
  • AC or DC charge / drive


  • 24 Months

The NSN (Nato Stock Number) for the Nomad Remote Area Light is 6230-01-617-5314


During a disaster or emergency (natural or man made) adequate lighting is critical to any type of response. Its absence or slow provision creates delays, increasing the potential damage and liability faced.

While generator lights are usually available and invaluable for lighting a large area, quick setup and re-tasking (or repositioning) is a logistical nightmare at best, and often a losing proposition. The FoxFury Nomad Remote Area Lighting was designed to address these specific requirements, and provides either area or spot lighting in 20 seconds. Nomad Remote Area Lighting units can be quickly deployed and the Area-Spot combination is able to light large areas, even in the worst terrains imaginable.

The FoxFury Nomad  Portable Remote Area Lighting  is also available for rent. $100 per week or $300 per month. Please contact our office for further details - phone 1300 911 007.


Two short videos showing the FoxFury Nomad


Click for larger on the photos below

The same view as the two photos below but without a FoxFury Nomad

FoxFury Nomad RAL Remote Area Light

A FoxFury Nomad on flood lighting a 40 metre diameter grass circle

FoxFury Nomad LED Remote Area Light RAL

A FoxFury Nomad set to spot lighting a small cliff over a 40 metre diameter circle


FoFury Nomad LED RAL Remote Area Light comparison

The FoxFury Nomad LED Remote Area Light (RAL)  on flood compared to without



FoxFury Nomad RAL LED Remote Area Light compared

The FoxFury Nomad LED Remote Area Light (RAL) on spot compared to without the Nomad

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