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Handgun Rifle - Defender Iii - Defender Iii - Handgun & Rifle Lights - Foxfury and Wolf Eyes by


Handgun Rifle - Defender III
[Defender III]

Lumens: 350 lumens

Runtime: 2 hours  regulated

Length: 14cm

Complete with charger and rechargeable battery


This torch has Free Express Post or Registered Post included - no postage cost to you
The Wolf Eyes Defender III  is a 4 level (high, medium, low and strobe) torch with an adjustable aspheric lens (like a magnifying glass). This gives it a narrow beam. It also has a tailcap which allows the included tape switch to be screwed in, whilst also allowing for standard use with a push button switch. If you are considering the Defender III also consider the NightHunter. It is similar in size and capability, but throws 10-15% further due to it's larger head and larger aspheric lens. The  larger head is not as comfortable in a pocket, so if one's use was predominantly work & general lighting with rifle use seconday we would recommend the Defender III, if the use was predominantly rifle mounted with work/general use a secondary consideration we would recommend the NightHunter.


It is difficult to quote a range as it has so many variables, the age of ones eyes, the objective size of the scope, the amount of light you require for target ID, etc. A reasonable expectation is  200 metres, we tested this unit casually at that distance and had no problems.
Wolf Eyes Defender III aimed at 200 metres
The Wolf Eyes Defender III aimed 200 metres at an A3 paper


Beam Pattern

The beam of the Defender III is variable, on its tightest (narrowest) beam it presents a small square the shape of the LED on your target.

Aspheric Lens with TCR

 The Wolf Eyes Defender III features an aspheric lens (like a magnifying glass) on the front and then has Total Capture of internal Reflections with a highly polished mirror finish reflector. This ensures all light coming from the LED passes through the aspheric lens and then lands on your target.

Dual Tailcap including tapeswitch

The dual tailcap included with the Defender III functions both as a normal switch and can have the included tapeswitch screwed into the tailcap. When the tapeswitch is not in use there is an attached rubber cap for the threads.
Wolf Eyes Defender III dual tailcap covered Wolf Eyes Defender III dual tailcap cap off


The Wolf Eyes Defender III has an incredibly rugged construction, probably unlike most other torches or flashlights commonly used in Australia in police or military work. We recently compared the wall thickness to a consumer torch, the Led Lenser P7 and found the walls were DOUBLE the thickness in the Sniper!
Constructed of aircraft grade aluminium with a brass liner, the Defender III is designed to have a 25.4mm (1") diameter body, making it both easy to hold and easy to mount, 1" being the standard firearm mounting size. The Defender III is a  high output torch with modest size. Most people don't realise that LEDs put out considerable heat, but unlike an incandescent torch which projects the heat out the front, LEDs heat the base they are mounted on. Overheating an LED results in permanent damage and reduced light output for the life of the LED. To remove the possibility of damage to your LED, Wolf Eyes have a brass liner inside the torch and a  substantial aircraft aluminium body. The brass liner, as well as maintaining high electrical conductivity, mates to the mount of the LED and conducts heat along the body of the torch or flashlight, using the mass of the body as a heatsink to dissapate the heat.
All Wolf Eyes Defender III are anodised tactical black and have a 5 Year Warranty on the body.



Wolf Eyes torches are regulated, meaning they don't dim or lose intensity like many other torches including other LED torches. The regulation has two advantages, it means the power to the LED is consistent, so the LED will be running at it's optimum with the battery being boosted as it is being depleted, the second advantage is you don't overboost the LED which can permanently damage it, this happens with torches not designed for rechargeable batteries or accumulators. Of the 2 hours 20 minutes runtime of high intensity light this torch is capable of, the first 1 hour and 50 minutes is regulated, with a slight dimming in the last 1/2 hour.
Wolf Eyes

Sniper torch flashlight mounted on rifle

Australian Approved Charger

The Wolf Eyes Defender III comes complete with rechargeable battery and Australian approved charger. We have noticed a number of torches on the Australian market with non approved chargers. The advantage of an Australian approved charger is that it is both safe and legal to connect to an Australian power supply, meaning it meets  OH&S requirements and also your insurance is ok in a residential or business situation.

Rechargeable Batteries

The battery utilised in the Sniper is the LRB168A (18650) rechargeable lithium ion battery. Utilised predominantly in notebooks, this battery provides large outputs (including rapid discharge high amp outputs) from a relatively compact package. So powerful is this battery that it powers the Tesla Roadster electric car (an electric car built on a Lotus Elise chassis with a 0-100kmh time of 3.9 seconds). One huge advantage of the Wolf Eyes Defender III flashlight is that it has been built with these rechargeables in mind, rather than disposable CR123 batteries (which cost $10 each in shops in Aus). This means we can use the 18mm versions of the batteries which are 50% more powerful than the 17mm versions. Torches or flashlights designed to only fit CR123 batteries, such as the Surefire 6P or Surefire G2 (in fact most of the Surefire line) can only fit the 17mm version (available in our recharge kit), which means 2/3rds the power.
All Wolf Eyes batteries are protected, meaning they have a small computer chip built in to one end, this controls charging and discharging, designed to reduce the risks of powerful batteries. We have seen lithium ion batteries explode and would never sell an unprotected version.
As many are aware, most police departments in Australia or the Australian Defence Force do not generally supply batteries for their staff. So a rechargeable torch (or rechargeable flashlight, depending on your terminology) is both an environmentally sound decision but also an economic necessity. Some police officers have reported that their rechargeable torch has paid for itself in as little as 3 months when compared to their previous CR123 battery older style torch. With our rechargeable batteries you can top up at any time, no need to wait for the battery to run down, so you are always prepared for that critical mission.
Environmentally, rechargeable batteries are a winner. Like most quality lithium ion batteries, our rechargeable batteries are rated for 1,000 recharges under ideal conditions. Even if you took 500 recharges as a reasonable figure, each rechargeable battery you use would save 2,000 AAA batteries, 1,500 C cell batteries or 1, 000 CR123 batteries from landfill, a wothwhile saving (based on a 2 x CR123, 3 x C cell or 4 x AAA torch providing similar runtime). Even if the environment isn't your priority when purchasing a torch or flashlight, the financial saving is huge and as a bonus you get to feel good about the environment.

Cold Weather Performance

Wolf Eyes

torch flashlight in ice cube   

Wolf Eyes flashlight in ice cube
One of the huge advantages of rechargeable lithium ion batteries, besides their huge outputs, is the ability to operate in colder temperatures.  Many have been frustrated by the loss of power in AA and NiMh batteries in cold temperatures. That is not a problem with Lithium Ion. To take the photos here, we turned a torch onto low, placed it in a tray of water in a freezer for 4 days till the water became an ice cube, then removed and photographed. The torch was on for the 4 full days in the freezer!


Waterproof Sniper 260 Hunter in a schooner of water

In the box:

1 x Defender III body including tapeswitch
1 x Fast charger
1 x LRB 168A battery
1 x Gift Box

Spare Battery (one rechargeable battery is already included) 

AC Charger (one is included in kit)
DC Charger (Car)